What Is Video Marketing, and What Are Its Benefits?

Video marketing

The world we live in today is more visual than ever before. Long gone are the days of long-worded newspaper or magazine advertisements. Not even still images have the same power they used to. Today’s average consumer wants to consume with their eyes — and you have a window of just 8-10 seconds to capture their […]

How Video Production Works: Pre-production

Video Production Work

What are the three stages of video production? Most people would agree that there are 3 stages in video production. These stages are pre-production, production, post-production. At Crewcible, we believe that one video usually solves only one goal. It is very difficult to convey two messages in 10-30 seconds. So, you have to make a […]

That’s the Name of the Game

Australia v Argentina

For Crewcible, working hard is in our genes; working smart is something we’ve had to learn over the last 15 years in the game. And speaking of games, one of our biggest challenges was shooting one thousand tutorial (yep that’s 1000) videos and six cinematic, branded videos in ten days. Here’s the story of how […]

Four tips to help boost your video content


So, you’ve been tasked with creating video content for an upcoming event. What are some tips you can employ to make sure that the content you capture is the best it can be? Here I’ve outlined some simple techniques for video production to create quality content.  1. Stabilisation – Make sure your camera or smartphone is STABLE. […]

Crewcible is an Australian Video Production Company


We are a small group of passionate content creators. Including a mix of talents such as directors, motion graphic designers, writers, television commercial, cinematographers, editors and photographers. Established in 2017 to meet demand for a growing Canberra client base. Crewcible Media was created to provide affordable and face-to-face media production services, corporate video creation, television […]