Man sits on stool preparing for interview with camera

What do you see?

And before you answer, "this expertly crafted piece of blog content" or even tell us of the guy who walked past you in green moleskin pants and a yellow shirt, we are not talking about right now.

But rather every day.

The business world has shifted. There are videos everywhere.

The fact is, If you want to raise awareness for your brand and generate sales, then there is no more depending on the local paper. We mean, you could rely on the paper in 2012, but who does that today?

Corporate video production is taking business marketing by storm. And they are becoming the ultimate ingredient to include in your marketing strategies.

Wondering how you can make corporate videos in Canberra? We can help your business and this corporate video production guide will give you answers.

What Is a Corporate Video?

A corporate video is a business video created or produced with awareness in mind. Corporate video production can help you build awareness around your business to a specific target audience. This audience could be shareholders, investors, or even prospective customers.

Starting to sound more fun?

In this article we discuss two main video marketing strategies that serve the bottom line of the company.

Promotional video marketing production focuses more on building brand awareness, while corporate video production focuses more on building company ethos.

You will find that your video marketing production strategy is geared to the general public and endorses a product or service. If you are creating a marketing video, then chances are you want to inspire your audience to work with you or make a purchase.

A corporate video inspires its audience to buy into the vision of the company or organisation. We are your Canberra videographer that will help you build awareness of your internal operations and any new adventures you are embarking on. All through the power of video.

Why Is Corporate Video Production Important?

According to Oberlo, 54% of consumers are more interested in video content from the brands they trust. Who wouldn't want to leverage that much power right?

That is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the benefits of video production in your marketing.

Of course, there is the already positioned audience that is already waiting on your content. But below let's explore other benefits of corporate video production:

Showcase Your Company's Vision

Every company's greatest selling point is its vision. Are you looking for a loan, trying to get investors, or maybe motivate your employees? You have power in your vision.

Often people start businesses because there was a problem to solve or a gap to fill.

The point is you can use this as a business selling point. You showcase to your audience your very specific vision and more importantly the projection of your vision.

Tell Your Story

You have figured out your vision and of course, there is a story to it. It may not be a campfire type of story, but it is still yours to tell. 

Having expertly crafted video production can help you tell your business story in an exciting manner.

Increase Engagement

In general, humans are visual beings. It is easier to connect with what we see more than what we read. Why? 

Because corporate video productions are crafted to be simple to understand and can quickly translate your message.

People like watching videos, not just cat videos, but videos that can translate into what they are looking for.

Increase Sales

It is a known fact in the marketing space that over 45% of consumers make a purchase based on a video they saw. 

This means that corporate videos can increase your company's sales goals.

Increase Conversions

Ever been to a website majorly build on text? Did you find it easy to interact with their site or even their products? 

Often, text sites can be very boring, but having your corporate video embedded in your landing page can help you convert customers better. Your videos will also be instrumental in helping you decrease that bounce-off rate.

SEO Ranking

It's not just humans who love videos, search engines appreciate them too. And including them as part of your marketing ideas with tags and transcriptions will help you improve your ranking score. 

We know that you have also seen those videos that are usually at the top after you type in a search query in Google.

Different Types of Corporate Videos

There are several types of corporate videos businesses can choose from as they create their corporate masterpieces. Each type of corporate video goes through different production phases.

Promotional Corporate Videos

This type promotes either a business product, cause, or service. Promotional videos are created to convert potential customers into clients.

Training Videos

Some companies will have corporate videos as part of their onboarding process. Or maybe to upskill their employees. 

Often training videos developed by companies are aimed at training their employees on new health and safety regulations. 

This is what we saw during the pandemic where companies created videos that could help keep their employees safe at work.

Internal Communication Videos

These communication videos differ from conferences in that they are for the employees of an organisation. A company may decide to create a video as a fun and upbeat way to inform them of financial reports, management changes, or any other information they want to convey to their employees.

Conference Videos

These are videos created for display at any conference. Does your company attend expos? A corporate video could be the perfect addition to your display.

You can also use a corporate video for displays.

Social Responsibility Corporate Videos

Social responsibility videos are produced to show stakeholders, customers, and potential customers the work the company is doing for the greater good of society.

This will include social initiatives the company is embarking on. A good example would be the green initiatives your company is taking to protect the planet. 

What Goes into a Corporate Video Production?

When you have your heart set on getting a corporate video for your business, there are several factors to keep in mind. These will help you ensure you meet your goals.


A few years back, only big companies could lavish in the luxury of high-definition videos because of the budget that was associated with video production

But as prices are becoming friendlier, more and more businesses can join the lavishing. However, it is still important to ensure that your video production company can meet your budget needs.

Great content doesn't need to break the bank.

Type of Video

So, we have discussed the different types of corporate videos you can play around with. It is therefore important to know your purpose for creating a corporate video.

Is the video for your staff or the public? Are you aiming to educate or promote a new service? 

Answering all these questions will help you if you the type of video your company should be making.

Time Frame

No, we are not talking about duration. This means when you want your video to premiere.

What is your time budget for the video? And often this will also affect the price a production company quotes you. 

How can a Canberra Video Production team help you in Your Marketing Strategies?

At this point, you are thinking you need to find a Canberra Videographer to get the ball rolling. But the only thing that seems to be missing is incorporating your corporate video into your marketing strategy.

We have ideas for you below:

Social Media Marketing

This is certainly the most obvious place. You can have your corporate video as part of your social media marketing strategy. 

This will help you improve your social media engagement and potentially filter into increasing your sales.

YouTube Channel

Yes, YouTube is a social media platform. But we can incorporate it differently in our marketing plan than we do Instagram or Facebook.

YouTube is made for video engagement, it only speaks video. If you want to increase your reach, try getting your corporate video up on your YouTube channel. You can also have it featured in some ads.

And the awesome thing about YouTube is that it is considered the second largest search engine after its parent company Google. This means your content will be more discoverable.

SEO Marketing

We already discussed how corporate videos are good for SEO. But to go a little further, having videos on your landing page can also increase your user experience, especially if they do not cover the rest of your content and carry answers your customers are looking for.

Three Steps to a Compelling Canberra Video Production experience

Ready to tell a compelling story? The Crewcible videography team in Canberra will use a three-step process to help you tell your story.
These three are essential to your corporate video production:

  • Choose Your Service: Are creating a corporate video or a promotional commercial?
  • Find Your Voice: This is about your audience, the people your video is being crafted for
  • Capture Your Story: Let the magic happen

At Crewcible, we create corporate videos for any audience, within your budget. Simply put, we bring stories to life.

Request a quote to tell your compelling story.

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