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Why Local is Still Better

The popularity of video content is on the rise. Around 68% of consumers state that they prefer watching videos to learn about new products or services, as compared to other media. So, for any business, producing video content is more important than ever. 

However, making a corporate video isn’t always easy. It takes time, resources, and knowledge that is hard to acquire. So, turning to a professional can help. 

We’re looking at the benefit of doing so. If you’re thinking of looking into business video production, keep reading to find out more!

High Standards

We already discussed the fact that video content is on the rise. With more business video and brand video advertisements released every day, the competition is fierce. In general, the standards people expect are higher. 

This is partially due to the prevalence of video marketing nowadays. Almost everyone walks around with a screen in their pocket, a screen that can play videos in an instant. However, there are also more screens on the street and on the roads, as video signs and billboards are becoming more popular. 

There is even additional competition from young people. Around 1 billion people use TikTok each month. Many of these users create videos of their own, which give them a solid introduction to the world of videography. 

With this knowledge under their belt, young people are easily able to spot the difference between professional videography and something done by an amateur. This means that if you use a non-professional video, you will stand out in a negative way. 

Professional Resources

Creating videos takes a lot of resources. High-grade cameras, green screens, lighting, and many more features are all part of the process. Plus, some videos may require even more in order to produce specific effects. 

If you try to create videos on your own, you need to worry about getting access to all of these materials. Whether you buy or rent them, this will end up being a costly endeavour. 

However, a professional video production company will already have access to these features. So, when they go to shoot your video, the cost and time involved with getting these materials do not become a major factor. 

Physical materials aren’t the only thing you’ll need to make a video. Editing software and powerful computers are both key steps in the process. This adds even more to the list of materials that a video production company would already have. 

A video production company will also have access to higher-quality resources. If you shoot a video yourself, you may end up relying on entry-level equipment. However, most Canberra video production and Sydney video production studios make sure their equipment is up to date. 

All in all, using a professional company saves you time and money while producing a higher-quality final product. 

Professional Videos 

Even if you are able to get all of the resources and equipment to make a professional-looking video, your video still might not look good. This is because there is more to shooting than just materials. Shooting a good video requires experience.

Some of this experience relates to the shoot itself. Knowing how to position shots or make sure the lighting is right is difficult. People go to school for years just to be able to get things like these correct. 

Other experience relates to the editing process. Stitching together a full video from a series of shots is a complicated process. It requires someone to understand timing, transitions, sound, and even the software that is used to make all of this happen. 

A professional video production company will know how to stage a set and ensure the shoot goes smoothly. A professional company will understand aspect ratios and resolutions so they can make your video better. In general, a professional company understands the industry in a way that makes for a beautiful end product. 

Local Talent

All of the reasons listed above are reasons why hiring a video production company is important. However, we’re specifically talking about local video production companies. Is looking at videography nearby more important than just hiring any company?

The answer is yes. There are reasons to stay local when it comes to creating your company’s videos. 

Many of these reasons come from a company’s knowledge. At any step in the marketing process, you want to make sure you are doing what is best for your specific market. 

For example, videography in Sydney and videography in Canberra are industries that form part of the community. They are able to create content that better suits the local environment because they are from the local environment. 

Working with a local company also makes it easier to access the studio. Imagine if you have to ship your product halfway around the world in order for a company to make a commercial about it. Meanwhile, with a local company, you can easily have your team visit a Canberra video studio. 

Why You Should Use Local Professionals for Your Corporate Video

We just looked at a variety of reasons why hiring a local video production company can help you make the best corporate video possible. Their resources, knowledge, and expertise all come into play. If you want the best for your company, reaching out to professionals is the way to go. 

If you are interested in a local video production company to create your next video, make sure to look at the services provided by Crewcible.

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