Video Production Canberra
Video Director Jimmy Logue on set with AKIBA

Video Strategy

The most important thing to do before we start shooting is to identify what the purpose of the video is. Who is our target audience? What do we want them to think, see, feel when they watch this video? Why make this video in the first place?

The strategy behind your video makes sure you get the best return on your investment. We help you figure out who your target audiences are, what type of content you need, where the content will be seen and then tailor our services to meet these targets.

From here we plan to the exact specifications for the right platforms on which the video is being broadcast. Whether thats social media advertising, or broadcast television, we are able to ensure that our content is tailored to fit exactly where it is destined for.

If you need help making your business known and you’ve decided on making a video, then get in touch for a conversation!


From scripting to shooting, we will work with you to concept your idea and turn it into a quality video production. Once we have a script or client brief we begin our process, making sure you feel engaged every step of the way.

We focus on strong story telling as the heart of all our projects. At Crewcible, we pride ourselves on ensuring even the traditional corporate videos are creative, high-quality and memorable. We aim to create content that is individually tailored to the business it’s made for.

We are experts at creating unique corporate videos, video and photo content packages for ongoing use, informational videos, client testimonials, tutorials and educational videos.

Shooting in Roll'd company headquarters
Shooting in company headquarters for Roll'd
Large scale corporate video package for D-Group
Large scale corporate video package for D-Group


Video production is a demanding requirement for all marketing plans. Our packages are designed to be the best solution to the common problem of on-going video content for growing and established business. With the help of our expert video production team, and guidance from our creative directors we are able to provide corporate content packages that will last you a whole month or even a whole year.

What makes our packages unique is we believe every quality video project needs clear creative direction to hold together the vision of the brand. Set design, costume, hair and make-up, all these facets come together to best express the message. Our comprehensive service in excellent creative direction is what will get you seen and help your content stand out from the rest.


These days it’s important to understand how impactful video production can be for your audience to know your brand. You want to create powerful video content on a budget, but video production can be a costly exercise. 

We offer consulting packages for businesses of all sizes to upskill their employees and communications teams into the era of video production.

 We will guide you on what type of equipment you need, how the video production process works, as well as share various tips and tricks to ensure you are able to make on going, quality video content in house.

Video Consultancy
Covid safe production and consultancy with MBS

We make sure you invest in the right type of video production for your business to thrive.

Corporate video production can be anything that promotes your business with the power of compelling video content. 

There are many types of video that suit a range of different businesses needs. Here are just some of the different ways you can capture the essence of what you do for the right audience. We help you understand the difference between cinematic commercials, explainer videos, brand videos, case study videos, animations and social media videos. Then we create what you need based on the audience you want to reach. We also train your team to learn the fundamentals of video production, so you can create regular powerful video content on time and on budget.

Our team has been working in all aspects of video production across Canberra, Sydney and Melbourne since we were established in 2017.