Our Video Projects

Our team of video professionals have first-hand experience conceptualising and delivering high-profile video production projects. We provide tailored services across different video formats and platforms. This portfolio features a range of video productions produced across Canberra, Sydney and Melbourne.


A big, bold and punchy cinema commercial for the heaving beast that is Akiba, the peoples restaurant. Anyone who lives here knows it sets a high standard for its food quality and ensures that guests receive the same quality with every meal.

A Shaw Escape

Shaw Wines is one of Canberra’s most renowned wine makers.  Our corporate couple dances their way through this whimsical, vintage style TV commercial which has seen prolonged national broadcast during several high-profile television events.

Autumn Winter 20

One of the best things in the world is when Canberra Outlet invites us each season to shoot their store collections. Our personal favourite was the Autumn Winter 2020 collection which was filmed in the beautiful coastal town of Berry, New South Wales. 

And guess what! A few weeks later this fashion video was selected to be showcased during the London Fashion Film Festival.


Godwin Charli, a made to measure designer brand and tailor out of Melbourne. We jumped at getting the chance to show our editing prowess in this snappy, social media content piece to promote the brand to new clients online. It was hard not to be inspired whilst highlighting his unique approach to accessible, tailor-made clothing.

Blackett Homes

Partnering with marketing agency Ivy Social, we were thrilled to create this commercial for Canberra premium home builders, Blackett Homes. We created this family friendly piece for local broadcast across all television stations. What better time to showcase your building company than during the final episode of The Block right?


CQ is Canberras first “smart” building. What is that you say? That’s what we said too. On this project we worked with the construction masters behind the creation and installation of this incredible, future-proof workplace building, Delta Automation. We wish to thank The Mark Agency for inviting us to produce this brand video production which lives on Deltas website and social media and in our hearts.


Ahh Kokomos, no longer with us but for anyone who remembers, boy what a time that was. A while back we worked to create a recruitment video with the aim of attracting international hospitality talent to come and work within the venue. This was the very entertaining end result. Rumour is the horde of eager employees came by the boatload…


Dickson Tradies has been serving ice cold beverages and hot bistro meals to Canberra locals for over 60 years.  Making sure we avoided the gambling area, we brainstormed this piece as part of their latest rebranding. Working with marketing agency powerhouse CRE8IVE to create this TV commercial we made a piece we are really proud of. 


Roll’d has recently opened it’s 100th store in Australia, making it the biggest Vietnamese fast food chain in the country. We were lucky to be pat of their latest franchisee recruitment drive by interviewing and filming four of their most successful franchisees in these “a day in the life” style video. These videos were then repurposed into 30 second TV commercials to be broadcast in regional Australia. Here’s Simons story.


Adytum is the latest beauty spa and massage clinic in town. Opening in the heart of the city in a brand new building, it is offering modern, premium services in beauty therapy. We created this brand video production as part of a social media package for television and social media.

Canberra outlet tvc

More dancing you say? Our first ever TVC and still one of our favourites, it’s never leaving the portfolio! Teaming up with the incredible dancers from PLAY we were able to just jam in a studio for a day and come up with something fun and timeless for the Canberra Outlet.


BlueArc IT Solutions, the valiant keyboard warriors of our time. As their client demands and business needs met an all time high, we were able to help them with their video marketing assets by creating this brand video as well as some supporting videos to explain to their clients why they are the best at what they do. Who wants to explain themselves 6 times a day when you can just send them a video?


ACT Emergency Services, Fire & Rescue have been using Crewcible to create television commercials and social media content for over 4 years. Every bushfire season we are comissioned to create a new bushfire ready spot to raise awareness about the ever important issue of climate change.


OnTheBall is the world number one Football Training App. When we got the call for this project all we could say was “Shooting with real Premiere League Chelsea footballers? No way!” A few weeks later, that’s exactly what happened. Shooting 1000 tutorial videos and 8 marketing spots in 10 days nearly killed us but it was the best experience ever.


When the Raiders “Hall of Fame” was launched, legends of the the Green Machine, Ricky Stuart and Glenn Lazarus joined us in studio to share some of their career highlights for a motivational spot that was played on the big night in front of a huge crowd of NRL guests, families and favourites.

Canberra milk

At the time of this video, Canberra Milk had been serving as part of the Vinnies Night Patrol for 2 years. They deliver much needed services to Canberra’s homeless population. Almost every night of the year, they help provide refreshments and practical support items such as sleeping bags and blankets to Canberra’s homeless population.